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10 BIPOC Voices On Why We Need To Take Action Against White Supremacy

   We know and have seen that complacency only leads to more lives lost. When we do not show up, white supremacy does. Let’s continue to be reminded that our work together is important. Our actionable mindfulness creates a path towards personal and collective liberation. And our collective liberation is dependent on how we show up individually.

It has been a long month. In the last couple of weeks we have witnessed and experienced mass shootings and police violence against communities of color. We need to stay vigilant and keep taking action dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, and systemic oppression.

  1. We need to continue learning.

2. A reminder that inclusion, diversity, and tolerance do not equal equity, just and love.

3. Interrupting is anti-racism in action.

4. Our collective liberation is also dependent on institutional change.

5. We don’t always know how, but we know we have to show up and listen.

6. Sometimes the “how” is mindfully showing up for friends, neighbors and the community at large with kindness.

7. Take the burden off Black folks. Be aware of micro-aggressions and covert racism and call it out as it happens.

8. Acknowledge the truth — today and in our history. This is what the nation was built on.

9. We never graduate from anti-racism work. We are always learning. The moment we think we’ve got it is the moment we need to step back and reflect.

10. A reminder that it is a privilege to be educated on oppression, rather than experiencing it. What we do with such a privilege is important.


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