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Meditation #16

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Resources and insp on ways to explore and embrace all the parts of who we are by dissecting the Four Types of Perception: Race, Gender, Body, and Sexuality. 

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day! We know mental health is important. Our practice always reminds us to care for the mental and emotional self as we care for our bodies through practicing yoga. 

Access to mental health for many communities is difficult. Finding mental healthcare can often be a stigmatizing with many barriers. 

⁠Yesterday we explored some of the ways to address access: 
◾Increased access to affordable and adequate health insurance. ⁠
◾More therapists and social workers who are of these communities (which also means access to education!)⁠
◾Anti-racist for therapists and social workers. ⁠
◾Access to inclusive wellness communities. ⁠
◾De-stigmatizing mental health by talking about it. ⁠

And today we're exploring some of the available resources for communities. 

Black Folx:

  • We're sharing this article of 44 resources for Black folx trying to survive. 
    • And this NAMI article that explores barriers to care and suggests some resources like Black Men Heal and Melanin Mental Health. 
  • Need a new book? We found this book from Adrienne Maree Brown about the politics of feeling good and being in activism. 

Latinx folx: 

  • This article explores 10 resources for the Latinx community. 
    • Not enough? We've got 11 therapist and mental health accounts to follow from this article

Indigenous folx: 

  • Video: We're watching this video from Yvonne "Tiny" DeCory's speech at Washington University about the lack of mental health resources. DeCory is an activist and suicide prevention specialist. 
    • A more in-depth look: This article from NCBI on culturally responsive suicide prevention. 
  • Open Democracy asks why indigenous folx are more vulnerable to mental health problems.

Asian American & Pacific Islander folx: 

LGBTQ folx

  • The Trevor Project breaks down the barriers to mental health care for LGBTQ youth. 
    • More in-depth: We've got SAMHSA data reports, along with a list of resources for LGBTQ folx for substance abuse and mental health. 
    • Want more short and sweet with less numbers? We've got you. Here's an article from the Center on American Progress that explores improving access for LGBTQ youth. 
  • We have a more general guide to resources from Pride.
  • Who to follow? Check out this article form Romper and this one from Go Mag that highlights 20 Black Queer and Trans Instagram accounts to follow. 

How can we reflect? 

  • Am I aware of the disparities in mental health care for communities? 
  • How do I feel about mental health care? Is it stigmatized in social environment? In what ways is it stigmatized? 
  • What beliefs do I have about mental health that are no longer working for me? What prejudices do I hold against people who seek mental health care or experience symptoms? 
We've got a lot coming up this week! 

Have no fear! We're going to help you through this Mercury in retrograde! 
Check us out Saturday for the start of Navaratri as Felipe Gonzalez and a special guest leads us into the week of celebration. 



















Me: going to practice all week to stay grounded. 
Also me:


Hey, it's good to have some goals!  

Check out the schedule below and as always, don't forget to look for our weekly classes post. Sign up for any of the below classes here

  • T/W/TH: Find Linda Lopes on the mat 8:30-9a for Practice at hOMe
  • T: Tisha Samuels is back guiding us in a Vinyasa Flow 4:30p-5:45p
  • W: Join Felipe Gonzalez for his Katonah Flow 10a-11a! 
  • W: Palak Patel winds down mid-week stress with her Yoga Nidra class at 7p
  • TH: Rebecca Victoria Auer tunes in from Germany for Move&Rest at 12p

Changes in schedule: 

  • Felipe Gonzalez is back with his Katonah Flow Wednesday at 10am! 
  • Time change! Rebecca Victoria Auer is now tuning from Germany to flow with us at 12p est! 

But if I did practice everyday


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